Multi-functional Universal Smart Adaptor Card

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Plug into any device!

In our advanced age, technology is everywhere and has become a necessity for everyday life. Keep up and adapt to the Multi-functional Universal Smart Adaptor Card. With this all-in-one gadget in your pocket, you’ll be able to connect to anything at any time, anywhere

Boasting universal compatibility with any device, it accomplishes this with a Type-C cable and Type-A, Lightning, and Micro USB adapters. Each component has a secure slot for safe storage in its pocket-sized design, along with extra free space for a sim card and SD card. It also features an LED light, sim card pin and phone stand, and a premium version that comes with a card reader.


  • Versatile Adaptor - Plug into any device! It comes with a Type-C cable with multiple adapters for Type-C to Type-A, Lightning, and Micro USB.
  • Urban Utility - Apart from its technological perks, it also has practical physical utilities such as an LED light, sim card pin, and phone stand.
  • Universal Compatibility - It’s fully compatible with various devices such as computers, laptops, phones, cameras, and more. 
  • Card Reader - It has an available version that features a built-in card reader, providing ever-ready access to your data from any device it plugs into.
  • Safe Storage - Each component has its allotted place with a snug, secure fit to ensure nothing rattles around and gets damaged. There are also free allocated spots for your sim card and SD card.
  • Compact Design - This multifunctional gadget is completely contained in a single, compact package. The size of a credit card, it’s an easily portable gadget you can fit inside your pocket or wallet.


  • Version: With Card Reader / Without Card Reader
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 55 mm x 86 mm x 8.6 mm

Product Includes

  • 1 x Multi-functional Universal Smart Adaptor Card

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